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> El día Tuesday, May 01, 2012 a las 06:06:23PM +0200, Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller 
> escribió:
>> Hi,
>> we have developed a prototype for a 80 button QWERTY keyboard PCB
>> that could eventually be connected/integrated into the GTA04. It should fit
>> into a specially designed battery cover so that you can easily stow it away
>> if not needed. Such battery covers could be produced individually through
>> 3D printing solving the issue of manageing and stocking 20 different key
>> layouts.
>> But watch yourself how we think it can look like:
>>      http://youtu.be/WM94%5fR5eKcc
>> ...
>> a) how to reliably connect it to the GTA04 PCB (soldering copper wires or a
>>    FFCs is a little difficult so it should have a tiny, flexible but robust 
>> B2B cable).
>>    Maybe, we can use a micro-USB socket or similar (we need to connect 6 
>> wires).
>>    This may also need a redesign of the GTA04 board (for a nice plug)
>> b) design a 3D printable case with key-caps that is robust enough
> Hi Nikolaus,
> I watched the movies and do not understand one thing: to use the
> keyboard, one should open the backside and put the kb apart on the
> table, right? I'd prefer a (fingerfriendly) touchscreen kb, which

Yes. And they are connected through a tiny ribbon cable to carry along the
I2C signals and 1.8V power.

> perhaps must occupy 2/3 of the screen, overlaying the app which receives
> the keystrokes (and one can put the kb away to look at the app in
> fullscreen); just my $0.02

We all know that there are two ideologies represented by the members of
the community. One wants to have a finger friendly keyboard on screen
and no additional hardware. The other one wants a physical keyboard and
always a full screen because it gives better tactile feedback and is more
reliable when typing fast.

Our idea is: why not serve both? So this is the solution for the second group...

> Thanks
>       matthias


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