I have been thinking for a while to try a forearm-mounting casing for the
openmoko. A casing that you would clip on the left (or right) forearm, that
would be thin enough to fit under the sleeves or even covered with a piece
of nice fabric to look like a cloth.
This keyboard would probably fit well on the forearm together with the
screen and it would make the whole thing easier to use. I am also thinking
to place the antenna on the outside of the arm, above a piece of aluminum
foil in order to reflect the radiated power and to protect the user from RF
At the moment I don't have the GTA04, but I can make some rough drawings
from the CAD files (I will need to download them). Would there be other
people interested in this new way of carring your phone? I previously had
some positive comments on the forum about this, so I think we could
probably start a small group if there is enough interest.

About the announcement itself, I think it is always good to show new ideas
at early stages. This makes it possible for the community to orient the
development of the project if they see better/different ways to use it. It
also shows the level of interest.


On 3 May 2012 09:41, Nikita V. Youshchenko <yo...@debian.org> wrote:

> > Some more general thought: I am not sure how we should handle such ideas
> > and how this community sees its role.
> >
> > Should we announce/publish immediately as soon as we have a prototype?
> > And ask the community for comments and participation in improving it? Or
> > should we silently finish some design and work with beta testers not on
> > this list...
> From external point of view, having more information about what is going on
> is definitly better.
> However, it is you who is actually doing things, it's up to you to decide
> if to show your eraly prototypes and collect feedback or not.
> Nikita
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