> > we have developed a prototype for a 80 button QWERTY keyboard PCB ...

That's cool news, thet put some hope on top of current 
lots-of-garbage-but-no-usable-device style smartphone market.

> > b) design a 3D printable case with key-caps that is robust enough
> I suggest using a scissor mechanism where the keyboard slides out
> instead.

Hmm... I could not get what is the alternative to keyboard that slides out 
the "main case".

If keyboard is not mechanically mounted with phone into single divice (e.g. 
if it is a separate "box" connected by a wire), it immediately gets a 
major usability hit - same as e.g. external bluetooth keyboard has. One 
can't keep phone AND keyboard in one hand while e.g. standing in crowded 


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