On 11/06/12 07:15, Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote:

.... it should be "phon-ugs".

That's what I should have asked about - pronunciation rather than spelling. Because (as an English speaker) I've been pronouncing OpenPhoenux as open-fee-nux (like the legendary phoenix, fee-nix or fii-nix in English).

I've only just realised (Duh!) that the "oe" is an "o-umlaut" and therefore more like an "o" sound. But I think that most English speakers would make the same mistake.

That's why I thought the OpenPhonux spelling was good - it forces English speakers to say it your way. (As well as looking more like "Phone" on paper.)

I'll be careful to say "phon-ugs" from now on!


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