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> [quote]
> Lastly, the baseband processor is usually the master processor,
> whereas the application processor (which runs the mobile operating
> system) is the slave. [/quote]
> Nothing more to say. This article isn't worth the CPU time to render
> it on my screen.
> You can hack and exploit the baseband as much as you like, it stays
> baseband can can do nothing it couldn't do anytime on any location in
> the network. IOW, don't worry about what's going on in your modem.
> It's even less interesting than what's going on in your harddisk of
> your PC. Since the harddisk could actually introduce a infected
> bootloader or kernel to your system, the modem is sth you rarely ever
> boot from. ;-P

I don't get you (or got you wrong). The article says (which indeed is
no news), that the baseband can be easily exploited which affects
the applications you are running (or are started / installed remotely).

Please tell me, I am wrong.

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