On Sun 10 November 2013 18:27:45 Nick wrote:
> Quoth Norayr Chilingarian:
> > What I would write in wiki is step by step instructions how to build the
> > firmware, free loader, and flash it.
> > I don't think it can confuse someone in some way.
> > 
> > What about moderation, then, well, what you are saying is against
> > collaborative work, like it is in Wikipedia.
> > Everyone, by even not having Wikipedia account could go and write
> > everything he wants. However, as we see, there are more sane people
> > rather than idiots, and Wikipedia is mostly correct.
> I think Joerg was worried about you writing a page saying "this
> firmware improves power consumption" before more testing and
> consulting with more knowledgeable people. I'm sure we all agree
> that a place to discuss ideas and possibilities (as wrong as they
> may turn out to be) is valuable, but Joerg has no doubt been around
> long enough to have to deal with the fallout of those discussions /
> conjectures being left in places where people take theories that had
> been disproved elsewhere as fact, and shared the disinformation
> wider. Which ultimately can give a bad impression to a project, as
> well as bad experience to others.
> Which is a long way of saying: the mailing list is the best place
> for discussion, and the wiki should be reserved for things which we
> are more sure about. So instructions on building and loading the
> firmware would be fine for the wiki, but speculations about its
> power saving (or sms receiving) improvements are best for the
> mailing list. Which I know is what you suggested, but that wasn't
> clear initially.

!00% ACK, sorry if that wasn't clear enough from what I wrote. Thanks for 
helping me out :-)
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