On Sun 10 November 2013 10:33:47 Norayr Chilingarian wrote:
> What's also interesting, I have an impression, that power managment
> works much better. With turned on gsm, it lasts more than 3-4 hours, as
> before. I'll measure how long will it stay today. But I already see it's
> becoming usable. Yes, I did not fix hardware. No, I did not enable deep
> sleep in /etc/frameworkd.conf. So I did not do anything to fix the
> issue.

Are you *sure* about that? Starting your room heating may already suffice - no 
kidding. Please don't try to outsmart the experts. #1024 been pretty complex 
and I suggest you learn about it before claiming moko11 has a bug regarding 
that. :-/

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