On Monday, December 16, 2013 10:12:08 PM Ben Wong wrote:
> > There must be some timing problem. It can be quite tricky to debug it,
> > because with logging it works and with debugging enabled it works too.
> Timing with the AT communications? Would that be the chat script?

No idea, i guess it will be a lot of debug prints and recompiling to find this 

> That would be a nice one to fix. If I don't notice that I've received
> a text message or call, I'll sometimes find later that the phone is
> very warm and the battery nearly dead even though I haven't been using
> it.

It seems i understand the problem and have a workaround that works on v58. The 
problem seems to be in QtMoko power management handling. You can set intervals 
for dim, screen off and suspend. There are intervals between them and it 
always goes like:

dim->screen off->suspend

If you dont specify interval between screen off->suspend QtMoko automatically 
places 100ms there. But this is probably not enough and suspend never happens.

The workaround: go to Settings->Power management->select "On battery" and fill 
in good intevals - e.g. Dim=off, Display off=30s, Suspend=40s and it will auto 
suspend ok. The trick is that Display off must be filled and must be more then 
10s less then suspend.

> > 4/ maybe fix the wifi dialog
> It would be nice if it was sane. But even just ditching it and having
> something simple, even trivial like OpenWRT's ewoc-cli script, would
> be an improvement.

You can use standard debian networking (/etc/network/interfaces) even for wpa2 
connections. There are some docs on internet how to do it.


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