On Thu 20 February 2014 15:27:33 Neal H. Walfield wrote:
> Why do you think the only use for a mobile phone is to make calls?  If
> I only make a data connection and am careful to tunnel all of my data
> via Tor, then this identification method is useful.
> Neal

Err, right. For that usecase it might work - until you do *anything* that 
gives away your ID, which is even more easy in internet than in a GSM call 
(think searching for 2 or 3 topics on google which are specific to you. Or 
visiting 2 or 3 specific websites, maybe even in a certain specific usage 
pattern. Obviously you can't use email or anything like that. And google [and 
others] might be able to identify you from your typing style and rhythm into 
the search term textfield already).

And no, you probably can't use a VPN to have only encrypted data transferred 
over the air. I don't think there are any free and open VPN endpoints 

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