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openm...@pulster.de (Christoph Pulster) wrote:

> I remember adverts of Openmoko in capitals "100% FREE mobile".
> that this was a false promise comes evident afterwards.
> the knowledge about NDA restrictions of GSM components is still today  
> only in some geek's mind.
> As long as there are big players like government and companys, a 100%  
> open mobile will never happen. Never.
100% of what? That is the question here. You can see 100% of the
software running of the application processor, 100% of everything
running on some coprocessors. 100% of pcb schematics available, 100% of
documentation available. 100% of inner layouts of microchips +
microcode. Freedom to use 100% of available phone radio natworks
(including the areas where no 2G but 3G is available.

Andreas Kemnade

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