On 05/07/14 14:46, Francesco De Vita wrote:
You could use the freerunner as a SMS gateway, you don't need a screen
for that.
That is something i use, i can send a text message and perform some action
(switching lights on or off )
Or have a text message send to my other phone if a long running job is
Would you like to explain how do you do that? (:



A while ago i wrote a daemon that handles the GSM modem ( phone calls and text messages ) The gui is separate from the daemon and can be run on a remote computer. ( desktop, laptop, whatever ) The daemon listens on stdin and sends output to stdout, so you can use it without a screen at all.

You need to flash the root image and the kernel and after that you can login via ssh trough USB. After you set up your wlan, you can ssh in and read and send text messages etc.

If you think this is something you would like to try, please let me know, so i can provide you with the kernel and the rootfs image for you to flash. You need to write some scripts to fit everything to your needs, so i hope you have some scripting skills.

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