Patryk Benderz <> writes:
> Dnia 2014-10-05, nie o godzinie 12:24 -0400, Joshua Judson Rosen pisze:
> > Oh, FYI--the web-based translation tool for FoxtrotGPS
> > in Launchpad is available here:
> > 
> >
> Hi Joshua,
> great idea with enabling LP translations. However one thing is bothering
> me: only actual messages should be translated, not it's formating.
> Example: 
> 1) Present is:
> <span foreground='#ff0000'>POI has no ID -> see website for help!</span>
> 2) Should be:
> POI has no ID -> see website for help!
> Any hint what to do? Should we leave such strings untranslated until
> strings are fixed?

No; actually, at least in some cases, it's important that the formatting
_is_ translatable. Sometimes things should actually be formatted
differently in different locales.

Launchpad's `guide for translators' doc explains briefly how translators
should generally handle markup (basically: translate the text, but not the

I'm believe I read a more in-depth treatise on this at some point,
but I can't remember where right now (apparently it wasn't
the gettext manual, because all that says is that HTML markup
"is common enough that it’s probably ok to use in translatable
strings"). I do remember that, as an example, there are some
colours that have different meanings in different locales.

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