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> Well, that is not the goal of the GTA04A5 project. It was focussed right from 
> the beginning (and therefore still is) to give
> those who already have a GTA02 a much more powerful processor and some newer 
> peripherals.
> Like a replacement motor for an old car.
> I know, and also for me it's interesting a new engine for an old car, but you 
> will never exit from the 1&2 statement if new users will remain cut off from 
> the game, imho.
> your solution is directed only to a subset of older users and this can hardly 
> embrace a wide audience that allows to lower the final prices
> from my pov, you are cutting out both:
> - fresh users, potentially interested in getting a real open phone
> - old users, interested in getting an open phone competitive on price

It looks as if you are thinking along a “one solution fits everyone” strategy.

GTA04A5 is a solution for some group which is completely feasible, no dream, no 
It is a tested design and just needs to be financed to be produced.

Of course it does not make everybody happy.

But it does also not exclude to have something different (GTA05…) in the 
future. But it must be clear
that a GTA05 needs a lot of work, prefinancing of engineering and time (expect 
> 1 year to develop
from scratch including injection moulds). So this also does not make everyone 

And it is much less lilkely to happen at all because it needs this prefinancing 

Therefore we are not cutting out anyone - I am simply honest not to promise the
impossible (competitive price and new and immediately available). I prefer to 
what is possible and reachable. Like a low hanging fruit: GTA04A5.

> > -1 The price. for me it is afordable at 170 euro vs +/- 600 euro for a
> > neo900 and slightly less for the GTA04A5
> >
> > -2 The device is in "mass" production, compared to the volumes of GTA04
> > or neo900
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