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> g...@unixarea.de wrote:
> > I'm using since 2008 the FR as my one and only cellphone. This is not
> > lying, it is just a fact. And I do not know any other person from this
> > list who is doing so.
> Nick <openmoko-commun...@njw.me.uk> followed:
> > I am too. The only thing that makes me tempted to switch phones is=20
> > redphone or chatsecure, basically. The GTA02 sucks, in some ways,=20
> > but I have no plans to buy a less free phone than it, so I'll stay=20
> > where I am for now.
> I am very glad to see a couple of people using their Freerunners and
> not switching to anything less free.  But I just can't help but wonder:
> are you using your FR because it's free or because it's a smartphone?
> In other words, ...

I do not exactly know what a 'smartphone' is. I use the FR because it is a
Linux 'server' in pocket size, I can do with it what I want and I can
phone or send SMS with it. And I have OpenStreet maps on it, after some
time the FR knows where I am with GPS. More I do not need. I accept that the FR 
not fully 'free' due to some low level binary blobs, but even with them
it is more free then my microwave at home.

I only see dying my FR: sometimes it does not receive SM, soemtimes it
does not wakeup from suspend (both are SHR bugs, I think, but nobody
fixes them);

and someday something of the hardware will break for ever... and
then, what I should do?

I love my FR, even if it looks like a brick (which it is not) and I love
this FR project for having something else in my hands, something which
all the stupid folks do not have while they say about their phone  "it does not
import me when it is spying me and phoning home" ... stupid people will
use smartphones, I will not


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