On 17-3-2015 2:49, Stefan Monnier wrote:
But the FR's hardware is too limited for that
   in my experience (e.g. the screen is too small for a resistive
   touchscreen), and the software is not reliable enough.
I think, with the constraints of the FR case, a resistive touchscreen is the best option. The touch-resolving resolution of a capacitive screen would be much lower, and an inductive (what generic category would you give Wacom?) screen would not permit you to use a finger(nail) or a pencil laying around.

I got a phone from my employer (besides my GTA04) now, which has a large capacitive screen. It can show more information at once, but I hate typing or making selections on it.

To stay a bit on topic: my FR was my only phone until it was reborn as an OpenPhoenux. Both are in my top 2 of favourite phones :-)

The smartness of the phone is important. If I were to take a silly phone with me, I'd wish it to be about as big as a bluetooth earpart, smart enough to understand most of the commands I speak to it and dial the number from the address book when I say so. In that case it wouldn't even need a screen or numeric buttons.

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