> are you using your FR because it's free or because it's a smartphone?

I don't really use my FR for the following reasons:

- I don't use its phone part because it's not Free (I guess by now
  I could try to use your firmware to fix that part) and because I don't
  like the idea of being actively tracked by my cell phone provider
  (and I hate the providers here, who all force you to sign contracts
  because they suck so much that all users would otherwise run away), so
  I'd want to turn the cell-phone part OFF most of the time.

- I do want to use the smartphone side, such as GPS, book reader, email
  reader, Jabber client, web browser.  I want this more than
  a cell-phone, really.  But the FR's hardware is too limited for that
  in my experience (e.g. the screen is too small for a resistive
  touchscreen), and the software is not reliable enough.


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