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I noticed on your site that the order of the wires are different from the ones listed at Which way works?

The US telephone industry, which created the RJ series connectors, also used as a standard a customary reversal of the wires in parallel wire cables. The crimps at each end are reversed so that wires 1,2,3,4 are connected to pins 4,3,2,1 at the opposite end of a cable.

Because telephones use pins 1 and 4 for line 2 and pins 2 and 3 for line 1 The effect is to make the socket on the phone look the same as the socket on the wall while preserving polarity of the power provided by the telephone company. Early touch tone dials required that.

The custom was carried on to the handset cable for which the microphone is on pins 2 and 3 while the receiver is on pins 1 and 4. (Actually that is from memory and might be reversed.)

An ordinary telephone handset-connecting cable with its RJ10 connectors will fit into Apple's jacks for keyboard and processor but Apple did not plan for the reversal. In principle one can remove the connector from one end of a telephone cable, turn it over, and put it back on. Unfortunately the crimp operation doesn't make that easy.

It is possible to cut a telephone handset cable in half and reconnect the wires while reversing them but that has problems with the tinsel wire often used for flexibility. The strand of string that is twisted with the wires makes it impossible to solder.

Best is a crimp tool and a handful of RJ10 connectors. The combination may cost less than the shipping cost.

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