It is possible to cut a telephone handset cable in half and reconnect the wires while reversing them but that has problems with the tinsel wire often used for flexibility. The strand of string that is twisted with the wires makes it impossible to solder.

Best is a crimp tool and a handful of RJ10 connectors. The combination may cost less than the shipping cost.

If you're in a hurry, the cut-in-two-and-reverse-before-reconnecting method 
works just fine. Carefully cut away any string/foil junk before attempting to 
resolder, and you won't have any trouble. Use heatshrink tubing to stabilize 
the whole assembly (and if you are lucky, you can find a color that matches the 
cable's pretty well). If you do this relatively close to one connector, the 
splice won't be too noticeable.

Be sure to keep track of wire order. The way it's designed, you are virtually 
guaranteed to kill either the keyboard or the mac's keyboard interface chip (or 
both) if you fail to reverse the connections.

Finally, I've modified RJ-11 connectors to fit by using a dremel's emory cutoff 
wheel (a soldering iron would also work, but it would be a toxic mess). It 
sorta melts its way through more than it cuts, but it gets the job done very 
well. A little filing afterwards will make it look and fit ok. So, if the 
narrow RJ-10 connectors are hard to locate where you are, this cheesy 
alternative is worth considering.

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