My beloved SE/30 died, and even the dishwasher trick didn't revive it.
I aquired two other SE/30s, and I've been trying to put together an
assembly of SIMMs, ROMs, and such that'll successfully boot. So far, no

 Anyone run into a situation where the machine will pass initial boot,
find the internal drive and throw up the "Welcome to Macintosh" screen,
and then just sit there, with occasional (~ every twenty seconds) sounds
like disk activity?

 So far none of my boot floppies have been accepted. Either they've
decayed below usability or else the floppy drives are bad on these
systems. :-<


 Ray Ingles                                    (313) 227-2317

 "Remember when we had that war on drugs and now there aren't
                any drugs anymore?" - dameron

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