Finally, I've got a video card for a Radius Color Pivot monitor.
It's SE/30-sized; it wouldn't fit in a IIsi case. At least, not
with the lid on. I don't have the actual monitor, but if anyone's
looking for such a card and is willing to pay for shipping I'll
gladly send it along.


 Ray Ingles

Hi .. I received one of these Radius video cards in a SE/30 that I got from Germany
some time ago.    At this stage I've taken it out of the machine.

Can this card only be used with the original monitor or can it be made to work
with other units?

I also have a problem with a 240 meg HD that I have been trying to put into an SE/30 The drive is a non apple SCSI drive. I had some problem putting a system onto it (7.5.3 and upgrading it to 7.5.5) but eventually it worked. I disconected the drive to take some programmes off the original drive that is full. On reattaching the 240 meg drive
I couldn't boot the system as it wouldn't reconize the drive.

I haven't been working with Macs for very long so I'm not entirely sure what's happening. I've had a lot of help from Chase Bohlimg who frequents this list and he has taught me quite a bit but this problem has me stumped. I thought that it might have been something
to do with the SCSI ID but why did it work initially and not now??

The drive has terminating resistors in it and is connected to the internal SCSI cable and
has the SCSI  ID set to 0

Any ideas .....  Eddie Smith

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