The early //e keyboards have the same keyswitches.  They're usually
recognized by having white writing on the keycaps and the keycaps are a
darker beige than the later keys and the ones used on the early Mac
keyboards.  All three of my //e's sound the same as my Plus when I type on
the keyboards.

>I've been kind of collecting bits that will let me keep my old Macs
>going as long as I keep going.   One thing that has concerned me
>lately are the keyswitches and to a lesser extent the keycaps on the
>old Plus and pre-Plus keyboards.
>I imagine that there are some folks here who are Apple II
>afficianados as well as Mac fans.  Are the keyswitches in the IIe
>keyboards the same as in the Plus keyboard?   No-one else was bidding
>on it, so I picked up a lot of 10 new IIe keyboards on Ebay, mainly
>for the keyswitches and possibly the keycaps.
>Now, do I have useful Plus parts, or just a lot of components for a
>computer that was discontinued before I could afford a computer?
>Jeff Walther


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