I hope to eventually move other lists to Google Groups as well.
A browser based system would IMO be a bad thing for me and I would likely have to stop participating if this list did move :-(
Google groups don't have to be read in-browser. There is still a handy feature that allows regular old email to make its way to your inbox.
If Google puts a lot of JavaScript into the list messages it will really make a mess. Will all messages be delivered as HTML - a bad idea.

Google Groups does not alter messages sent to the list in any way. No JavaScript or anything else is added. Plain-text messages will be passed on as plain text, HTML as HTML. The digests for English- language lists go out as plain-text ISO-8859-1 ("Latin-1").

Right now, there is no way to set a Google list to require plain-text messages, but Google may be willing to implement such a feature if there is enough interest. I'm involved with another list (Chinese Mac) that has been beta-testing Google to fix problems with its multilingual features so we can move from Yahoo, which has long- standing issues in that area.

One major difference between Yahoo and Google is that Google converts everything to UTF-8 (Unicode) for the online display. That is great for a multilingual list like Chinese Mac, and I don't think it should make any difference for a list like Compact Macs (UTF-8 is the same as ISO-8859-1 for the Latin-1 character set). We've only been testing for two weeks, but we have received prompt responses from the Google engineers. We have identified one bug we need to have fixed and we have one major feature request without which there's no point in switching from Yahoo (we need to be able to have our digests go out as UTF-8). So far, nothing has changed, but it's only been a short while.

Eric Rasmussen

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