Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2006 14:19:20 -0700
From: Doug McNutt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

At 20:48 +0000 1/25/06, Sean Billings wrote:
I am surprised no one else commented on this, or am I the only one who uses
his compact mac to read and write to the list?

A browser based system would IMO be a bad thing for me and I would likely
have to stop participating if this list did move :-(

I use Eudora 5.1 for lists and I would be unhappy if Google got in the way. Yahoo
 groups work OK with ordinary email apps.

But then gmail is a total disaster and essentially doesn't work with old mail clients.

If Google puts a lot of JavaScript into the list messages it will really make a mess.
 Will all messages be delivered as HTML - a bad idea.

The SuperMacs list has already begun migration. I have signed up for the new list and selected the email option. The emails I am receiving look like nice text messages without extraneous garbage.

I use Eudora 4.3 and have all the HTML and image display options turned off. HTML has no place in email in my universe. I have not seen any of the junk in the Google Groups messages that would indicate the presence of web aspects trying to invade email.

Some folks have had some trouble with the subscription process (mainly in Netscape), so actually subscribing to the new list will probably require a newer machine. I managed with Mozilla 1.3 under OS 9.1 without hiccoughs.

Jeff Walther

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