After reading discussion over the weekend, let me clarify a few things.

Google Groups functions as an email group, so the format of posting and 
receiving messages can be exactly the same as you're used to. In 
addition, you can read, search, and reply to messages online, something 
you couldn't do with our old email system.

Nobody is required to use Google/Gmail to join the list. You can use 
any email address. And better yet, you can now control your own 
subscription - single message mode, digest, even set it to "no email" 
when you go on vacation. Or you could just read online if you prefer.

Some people are having problems posting via email, just as has been the 
case with Maclaunch. Your email address has to match the subscribed one 
- most list servers won't see [EMAIL PROTECTED] and [EMAIL PROTECTED] as 
the same thing. If you have trouble posting, check the headers to see 
how your From: and Reply-to: are configured.

There have been some objections to Google based on their willingness to 
provide a restricted search engine in China (among other countries) and 
abide by national laws rather than opt out of the Chinese market. If 
you want to boycott Google, consider that Apple Computer, General 
Motors, and most international businesses also elect to work within the 
constraints of Chinese law so they can reach the Chinese market and/or 
use Chinese labor.

Neither Google nor the Chinese government puts any restrictions on the 
political views of participants of our email lists. We chose Google 
Groups because the provide a much more flexible service with greater 
user control than any of the mail list software we've run across.

Further, politics is explicity listed as an area not to be debated on 
our lists, along with religion and Windows advocacy. We are building 
helpful Mac communities, so we try to avoid divisive issues.

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