did you read Anti Huima's paper? The idea looks similar, but unfortunately it does not work. I provided a proof of the defect on this list (end of 2002 if I remember well). It's not that easy to get a working scheme. In fact there is only one combination with 8 chunks of data. In 2002 I exchanged a lot of email with Nici Schraudolph, and we found the right scheme. We wanted to write a paper, but we did not (it takes time, and I had not that much time - mathematic and computer go is just a hobby for me).

After having the right scheme, the tricky part is to perform a statistical analysis: unfortunately introducing constraints to deal with symetries weakens the hash key. The probability of collision becomes non uniform and depends on the board configuration. In short: if you take two different random board configurations, then the probability that they have the same key becomes higher if one of the configuration has self symetries.

If there is strong interest, I can post the scheme. But I'm not sure I will post the statistical analysis (it was almost ten hand writen pages, and I'm not sure I still have them).


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