Hi David,
> I won't be able to be at the congress, 

participants need one person representing the bot at the event.
This need not to be the main programmer.

> but I think it would be pretty easy to modify MCTS to play this game.  

The crucial point will be playing strength.

> Do you plan to modify a gtp server to handle these rules?  

Uff. I am not a programmer. So some volunteer would have
to do this. 

Automatic or semi-automatic play would make sense, because of the
random elements in Frisbee Go Simulation there should be more than
single games between the participants. 

By the way: It would also be necessary to decide about
the eps for the event. Natural candidates would be
eps=0.1 or eps=0.125. 

> ... I could be persuaded to submit an entry.
Fine. Accept me in the team, and I may operate in Leiden.

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