BTW, CrazyStone-0002 (on 19x19, not 9x9) is running on my desktop PC (i7-5930K). At first, it was running with 4 cores. But then it lost its first game to Aya. I was so impressed by the strength of Aya! So I made it use 6 threads instead. It has been using 6 threads since then.

I can't run it permanently, but if strong programs want to try it, just ask, and I will let it play during one night.


On 11/20/2015 02:23 PM, Hiroshi Yamashita wrote:
Hi Remi,

running "mm 1 1" instead of just "mm". It just estimates the maximum-likelihood value of drawelo by itself. Or just set drawelo to 20

I tried. CrazyStone-0002 Elo changed a bit on each setting.
It looks difficult. So I set drawelo 20.
drawelo 0.01, mm,      CrazyStone-0002   2713
drawelo 0.01, mm 1 1,  CrazyStone-0002   2767
drawelo 20,   mm,      CrazyStone-0002   2746

I'll connect Crazy Stone to 19x19 too.


Hiroshi Yamashita

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