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> Thank you so much for running CGOS!  Looks like it's running very
> smoothly and  you are doing a great job.

Yes! Thanks again. It’s great to have 9x9 and 19x19 versions again with
some strong bots playing. Great to see that everyone is participating again!

> Would you like me to take down the boardspace site, and make a referal
> link to your CGOS?   That way we can migrate and make sure people are
> all working on the right server.

Something seems to be wrong with the 13x13 front end. At least the current
standings page isn’t updating anymore. But the bots can still connect and
play. So maybe having all run by the same person would be preferable. Maybe
just starting a 13x13 some day on your server would be a good start
Hiroshi? Then everyone could connect and the redirect from boardspace.net
could come at a later point.

Unfortunately I don’t have a spare computer right now or I would run a few
bots myself to keep it populated. Hm … I actually might have some capacity
for a bot or two that doesn’t take up many resources (it will run on a $10
digitalocean.com box). Any preferences?

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