--- Comment #18 from Kevin L. Shelton <> ---
(In reply to Jean-Philippe Pialasse from comment #17)
> (In reply to Kevin L. Shelton from comment #16
> > After reinstalling sendmail-wrapper and then updating it from the version in
> > smetest I can confirm that the update has fixed the issues I was having.
> > Emails sent via PHP from our web site comes through instantly now with
> > sendmail-wrapper just as they did before it was installed and now the
> > wrapper means that the DKIM header gets attached to email sent from our web
> > site. Thanks for helping to resolve the issue.
> Thanks for reporting and helping to improve it 
> Mark as verified
> Will push it to smecontribs

Apparently there is a minor bug with the log rotate that you added. I'm now
getting the following email from the system:


error: sendmail-wrapper:9 unknown option 'endscript' -- ignoring line

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