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--- Comment #15 from Jean-Philippe Pialasse <> ---
there was a second issue

# su - www -s /bin/bash
-bash-4.1$ /usr/bin/php /usr/local/bin/test.php
Can't call method "get_value" on an undefined value at
/usr/local/bin/ line 18.

so this build should have fixed the two issues

/usr/bin/plague-client build smeserver-sendmail-wrapper
smeserver-sendmail-wrapper-0_1-2_el6_sme contribs9
Package smeserver-sendmail-wrapper enqueued.  Job ID: 1832.

* Fri Mar 02 2018 Jean-Philipe Pialasse <> 0.1-2.sme
- fix log not accessible [SME: 10525]
  moved to a www writable directory, also a logrotate has been added
- fix sendmail wrapper fails if not used by root 

the built rpm will be in smetest repo

yum update  smeserver-sendmail-wrapper --enablerepo=smetest

expand-template /etc/php.ini
service httpd-e-smith restart
config set UnsavedChanges no

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