--- Comment #3 from Rod Egan <> ---
(In reply to Jean-Philippe Pialasse from comment #2)
> (In reply to Rod Egan from comment #1)
> > Updated to smeserver-nextcloud 1.1.0-5 as per wiki update but adding smetest
> > repo.
> > 
> > ran ok. didn't hang.
> > 
> > after completion observed the following in /var/log/messages
> > The wording of the wiki implies
> > that leaving this empty will include all Ibays/Shared folders.
> > Neither Ibays or the actual ibays are visible within NexttCloud.
> not sure of what you are meaning there

Ignore, I was just questioning if I understood the wiki correctly and that what
I observed was really a bug and not a language misunderstanding.

> > 
> > 4/ Perhaps off topic, but a warning in the wiki to be careful when
> > installing/upgrading to follow NextCloud client install instructions and
> > disable both ways syncs on the clients while updating to avoid syncing empty
> > contacts, calenders etc. (Don't ask what bought this to my attention)
> I will have to ask to be able to fix this...

This is about me being careless rather than a defect. If you configure a clean
install of NextCloud then your calendar/contacts etc are initially empty. If
the initial connection of a client is a both ways sync it takes the NextCloud
server as the master and deletes all of the contacts and calendar entries in
the client. The initial connection from the client should be one way and push
the calendar/contacts to the server.
So, not a bug but a warning to end users to think before rather than have to
rebuild personnel data from backups.

> just some note for the next update ; will need to pull from epel :
> Installation:
>  perl-Array-Compare                                 noarch                  
> 2.02-1.el6                          epel                        18 k
> Installation pour d├ępendance:
>  perl-Class-C3                                      noarch                  
> 0.22-4.el6                          epel                        27 k
>  perl-Class-MOP                                     x86_64                  
> 1.12-2.el6                          epel                       170 k
>  perl-Devel-GlobalDestruction                       x86_64                  
> 0.02-7.el6                          epel                        12 k
>  perl-MRO-Compat                                    noarch                  
> 0.11-2.el6                          epel                        17 k
>  perl-Moose                                         x86_64                  
> 1.15-1.el6                          epel                       659 k
>  perl-Sub-Name                                      x86_64                  
> 0.05-6.el6                          epel                        15 k


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