--- Comment #11 from Jean-Philippe Pialasse <> ---
(In reply to Rod Egan from comment #9)
> During a signal-event post-upgrade nextcloud-occ-conf is called. If this is
> going to rebuild nextcloud ibay mappings and configs each time it occurs
> then this may be inconvenient to users if it is potentially going to take a
> significant amount of time to complete. It is also potentially a concern if
> it is going to override any customisations to ibay mappings made by the
> nextcloud admin from within nextcloud.

as long as they do not map it in the ibays folder they will be fine.

> Am wondering if automating the mapping of ibays/sharedfolders is a practical
> one as part of any update process. Perhaps it should be optional with a
> separate call that can be made if required by an admin from the cli? and
> just explained in the wiki.

it could be disabled (set a random string or disabled in IncludeIbays assuming
there is not shares or ibays named after disabled). However it has to be in
signal-event when creating new ibays or removing one, creating users... 
As a result it should be fast..

Maybe an improvement could be to split this script later, or to make some
conditions depending on the event calling it. Ldap settings are not needed to
be done for ibay creation as an example.

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