I know it's really ironic, but I love people like this.
I laughed so hard at this mail.
Made me happy to be alive.  :-)

On Fri, 2003-02-07 at 19:39, Kris wrote:
> All you guys trying to make linux better and better is futile. Itˇs
> been years now that Iˇve been waiting for linux to come even somewhat
> close to the level of speed and power that windows has. The fact is
> Windows XP beats the living tar out of any linux distro is undeniable
> and cannot be argued with. Itˇs well worth it to anyone to pay $130
> for XP pro and get an OS that just works, has tons of support and
> programs that work for it (that donˇt require īcompiling° that fails
> 90% of the time because of some dependency made by efned gefnefnished
> in gandwanaland) isnˇt available. You may think you are supporting
> something good that is free, but the fact is that the time you are all
> spending finding bugs, and reporting them, and working on them, and
> reloading because everything crashed (even in stable distros) well
> exceeds the $130 you would spend just getting XP. It took me 1 week to
> get linux running the way I wanted to and it still had so many quirks
> and disabilities that it was totally not worth the effort. I
> reinstalled XP on my computer in 1 hour and had it running perfect.
> Now you tell me, why are you doing this?

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