All you guys trying to make linux better and better is futile. Itís been years now that Iíve been waiting for linux to come even somewhat close to the level of speed and power that windows has. The fact is Windows XP beats the living tar out of any linux distro is undeniable and cannot be argued with. Itís well worth it to anyone to pay $130 for XP pro and get an OS that just works, has tons of support and programs that work for it (that donít require ďcompilingĒ that fails 90% of the time because of some dependency made by efned gefnefnished in gandwanaland) isnít available. You may think you are supporting something good that is free, but the fact is that the time you are all spending finding bugs, and reporting them, and working on them, and reloading because everything crashed (even in stable distros) well exceeds the $130 you would spend just getting XP. It took me 1 week to get linux running the way I wanted to and it still had so many quirks and disabilities that it was totally not worth the effort. I reinstalled XP on my computer in 1 hour and had it running perfect. Now you tell me, why are you doing this?

-Smarter than the average Linux-h@xor


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