On Wednesday 12 February 2003 12:19, Götz Waschk wrote:
> Am Mittwoch, 12. Februar 2003, 12:07:49 Uhr MET, schrieb John Allen:
> > On Wednesday 12 February 2003 11:28, Thierry Vignaud wrote:
> > > David Walser <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > > > I don't seem to have those in Mandrake :o(
> > >
> > > we do have man sex
> >
> > And it would be nice if it were removed. I have children using Mandrake
> > and would be apalled it they view the "sex" man page.
> Let me guess: you are a catholic?

Nope. Try again

But in all honesty whay the fuck does it matter.

I have a 9 year old girl and I don't want her reading shite like this. Its not 
fucking necessary, and has no bleedin bollockin functionality, its not even 
fucking funny for fuck sake.

       -1     masturbate

       -a     external stimulus (aphrodisiac) option

       -b     buggery

              bestiality with <animal>

       -c     chocolate sauce option

       -C     chaining option (cuffs included) (see also -m -s -W)

              get a date with the features described in <file>

       -e     exhibitionism (image sent to all machines on the net)

       -f     foreplay option

       -F     nasal sex with plants

       -i     coitus interruptus (messy!)

       -j     jacuzzi option (California sites only)

       -l     leather option

       -m     masochism (see -s)

       -M     triple parallel (Menage a Trois) option

       -n     necrophilia (if target process is not dead, program kills it)

       -o     oral option

       -O     parallel access (orgy)

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