On Wednesday 12 February 2003 09:55 pm, Götz Waschk wrote:
> Maybe the next time someone
> will complain about swearing in kernel-source:

The kind of pencil-neck who would do that generally coincides with the kind of 
dweeb who couldn't find it in the first place. This is helped by 
kernel-source not being installed by default.

>> If you want to set up an easyURPM website called PornDrake or
>> CussDrake (or perhaps something more direct) from which to
>> distribute stuff like funny-but-offensive fortunes, man-pages,
>> wallpapers etc, then I'm all for it, because I believe the choice
>> should always be available, but the main distro is no more the place
>> for it than the user manual for your digital camera is.

> ATM whe have the comfortable solution of moving everything offensive
> to PLF, but there have been complaints about PLF too, e.g. about the
> logo.

Turn it into a tank parked on a pengiun. That should shut them up.

Cheers; Leon

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