On Wednesday 12 February 2003 11:32 pm, Austin Acton wrote:
> Leon et al,
> If they start teaching brainfuck in schools as a simple and very
> educational introduction to computer programming (which it is), are you
> gonna send your kids to another school?

Moot point, 'coz they won't.

However, I might teach brainfuck as part of my own curriculum. In order to 
pass EdDept rules (an EdDept which also insists on sex-ed, go figure), I may 
also have to black out and mispronounce the name.

I have three children, including a 12yog who lives with her biological mother. 
She gets subjected to far worse than that, and finds it offensive. So we tend 
to steer away from invective at home. Other than that, I don't find the rude 
words themselves to be a problem, just the reasons for and method of their 
use in many situations.

Cheers; Leon

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