Lora, I agree with you about the recipe titles. I am one of the ones who has 
trouble finding the title in the subject line and pasting it into the document. 
To find the title I have to hit the button that lets me respond to the message, 
then below where I would write a response I can usually read the subject line 
as part of the message below my response, and copy that line to the word 
document I am making of the recipe. But it is a lot of extra work and sometimes 
doesn't work. If the title is obvious I can just type it in without checking, 
but if there are any foreign language words in the title I have to try to copy 
it. When I see a recipe without its title I usually just decide I don't want it 
and move on.

Pamela Fairchild 

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I don't mean to criticize anyone and I want you all to know I am very 
appreciative of all the recipes everyone shares in here.
And Yes, I can take the title from the subject and paste it above the recipe.
But if possible, could you please write the title right above the recipe?
Maybe some people may have a more difficult time doing this extra step.
Just saying, it just looks a little strange opening a recipe to copy it, and it 
starts with ingredients and directions with no title above it.
Thank you so much in advance, and if I am inappropriate in mentioning this, 
Helen and Marilyn, you know how to deal with me, (smile).
Lora and Leader Dog Firefly

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