So far in Copr, there is  "inherited" git branch naming from Fedora's
dist-git, i.e.  'f24' for fedora 24, el5 for 'epel-5' and epel7 for
'epel-7'.  The chroots in Fedora Copr are named 'fedora-N-ARCH' or
'epel-N-ARCH', today there started 'mageia-N-ARCH' chroots (with mga6,
shouldn't there be mag6?).  But Copr is not supposed to be used by Fedora

The problem I internally solved/workaround-ed are RHEL chroots.  Those are
named 'rhel-VERSION-ARCH'.  To have it done there are several patches
(against dist-git, backend, and front-end packages).

The problem, for example is, that 'el6' branch is "by default" allocated
for 'epel-6-ARCH' chroots, and can not be used by RHEL.  There are
multiple versions of RHEL-6 too (like

I'm curious whether we could "rename" the existing branches to some more
consistent, "future-friendly" strings.  For example:

-> 'fedora/25'      (the actual f25)
-> 'fedora/rawhide' (the actual master)
-> 'centos/7'       (the actual epel7)
-> 'centos/6'       (the actual el6)
-> 'mageia/6'       (the actual mga6)
-> 'epel/7'         (doesn't exist yet ..)
-> 'rhel/version'   (exists internally ..)

For OCD like me, it would be really pretty having it "cleanly" named, but
it would be also useful for 'chroot-id <-> branch-name <-> dist-tag'
converting (which now requires downstream _code_ patching, not only

Also, if we used such naming, there's no need to think again what the 'master'
branch is used for ... (rhel? fedora? epel?) and for the future, adding
other distributions (or complements for say rpmfusion) would be easy.

I don't remember why I chose 'fedora/25' "downstream" instead of
'fedora-25', it IMO doesn't matter, and as I have it already done O:-) I
prefer '/' separator.  But that basically doesn't matter.

Anyway --> is something like that acceptable upstream?  I have patches for
it already (this would require copying branches within existing git
repositories).  There is plan B:  propose this patches but add options
turning this behavior on/off, whatever default we'll choose.

While we are on that, could we discuss renaming from 'epel-*' to
'centos-*'?  Because we don't tell the truth entirely if we claim those are
epel-* chroots.

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