Hi  Igor,

In (some of) the TEST.ROOT files, maintenance of the files can be simplified by removing the version number from the comment. The version that is in jaxp is reasonable: "# Minimum jtreg version" and should be applied
to the hotspot, jdk, langtools, and nashorn TEST.ROOT files.

Thanks, Roger

On 8/11/2017 1:29 AM, David Holmes wrote:
Thanks Ioi, and Igor, for clarifying.


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On 8/10/17 9:46 PM, David Holmes wrote:
On 11/08/2017 2:31 PM, Igor Ignatyev wrote:

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Hi Igor,

On 11/08/2017 2:02 PM, Igor Ignatyev wrote:
14 lines changed: 1 ins; 0 del; 13 mod;
Hi all,
could you please review this small patch which bumps up jtreg version?
besides updating jib profiles and all TEST.ROOT files,

That all looks fine (though deploy should not be in there).

the fix updates
hotspot/test/runtime/Metaspace/FragmentMetaspaceSimple.java test not to
rely on having "library" test.Empty class in 'test.classes' and put
test.Empty class in the workdir instead.

Sorry I'm not following this part. You made two changes:

1. Added @library /test/lib
/test/lib is needed for ClassFileInstaller.


What is this doing? (For that matter what is the existing "classes" entry supposed to mean ??? how is "classes" a library?)
existing 'classes' is the directory in hotspot/test/runtime/Metaspace/ which contains source of test.Empty.


2. Instead of the test reading from test.classes you are using the ClassfileInstaller to copy the class to the working directory.

How does this make a difference to anything? If the test wouldn't find the class in test.classes, doesn't that mean ClassfileInstaller will also fail to find it?
test.classes points to the directory w/ classes from a test, but not from test libraries. directories w/ all needed classes (either from a test or from libraries) are added to classpath and 'test.class.path'. ClassFileInstaller uses class loader to get resources, test.Empty will be in CP, so ClassFileInstaller will have access to it.

Sorry still don't understand the change. Where does:

@build test.Empty

place Empty.class? If not in test.classes then how has this test ever passed? I'm assuming the change is needed because it no longer passes with the updated jtreg.

Hi David,

   27  * @build test.Empty

puts test.Empty class somewhere in the classpath

   28  * @run driver ClassFileInstaller test.Empty

ClassFileInstaller uses Class.getResourceAsStream("test/Empty.class") to read the contents of this class (from the CLASSPATH), and writes it to ./test/Empty.class

   55         String fileName = "test" + sep + "Empty.class";
   56         File file = new File(fileName);
   57         byte buff[] = read(file);

here the test reads "./test/Empty.class" into a buffer. (When the test runs, the current directory is the "scratch" directory).

The old version of this test assumed that JTREG builds the Empty.class into a certain location, but that has changed with the jtreg 4.2 b08 feature.

ClassFileInstaller is the proper way of reading the bytes of class files, and has been used by most other test cases. FragmentMetaspaceSimple seems to be the only exception.

- Ioi



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-- Igor

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