On 06/04/2018 15:08, Tony Printezis wrote:
Hi Alan,

Calling sun.nio directly from java.lang seemed a bit dodgy to me, which is why I proposed some type of exit hook (maybe I overthought this?). But that’d be OK, could make this change a lot simpler. :-) And, yes, I came across the issue of not being able to query whether a ThreadLocal exists on a Thread when I implemented my prototype. Which is why I think introducing an exit hook on ThreadLocal, instead of Thread, is probably the better approach (it will only be called if the ThreadLocal exists).

java.lang.Thread is already tightly connected to blocking I/O operations (Thread::interrupt for example). In any case, the concern with exposing exit hooks in the API is that it means running arbitrary code when exiting, something that would need a lot of consideration before going there.


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