Please review these small changes to address intermittent failures, as of 

- Usage of jdk.test.lib.RandomFactory for reproducible random generation.
- Slightly less restrictive assertion about badParallelStreamError on L94 
(former L88).
- Verbatim copy of computeFinalSum() from j.u.s.Collectors 18.

While these changes do not necessarily guarantee absence of intermittent 
failures, the usage of jdk.test.lib.RandomFactory should at least help to pin 
down specific double sequences that do not pass the test.

There is still an inherent variability due to the use of parallel streams, 
though. As double addition is not perfectly associative, even a fully known 
sequence of doubles may lead to slightly different results with parallelization.


Commit messages:
 - 8274517: java/util/DoubleStreamSums/ fails with expected 
[true] but found [false]

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