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>> The comparison is intentionally made lax so the caller does not need to 
>> provide the exact indentation or even new line characters. We think along 
>> with `fromLine` and `toLine` this is enough to make sure we are not 
>> modifying the wrong lines.
> Shouldn't the comparison be better implemented by the caller then, who will 
> know whether spaces are important or not? That's why I had suggested taking a 
> `Predicate<String>` that could be called with each line removed, and the 
> caller could interrupt the parsing by returning false when they detect a 
> mismatch with what they expect.

We can provide a more sophisticated `Function<String,String>` replacer if we 
want to let user to customize all the details. This time we still only want 
them to be string literals. I agree we can keep the new lines inside, but 
trimming on each line and the final block is still useful so caller does not 
need to care about indentation and empty lines at both ends.


PR: https://git.openjdk.java.net/jdk/pull/8360

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