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>> Shouldn't the comparison be better implemented by the caller then, who will 
>> know whether spaces are important or not? That's why I had suggested taking 
>> a `Predicate<String>` that could be called with each line removed, and the 
>> caller could interrupt the parsing by returning false when they detect a 
>> mismatch with what they expect.
> We can provide a more sophisticated `Function<String,String>` replacer if we 
> want to let user to customize all the details. This time we still only want 
> them to be string literals. I agree we can keep the new lines inside, but 
> trimming on each line and the final block is still useful so caller does not 
> need to care about indentation and empty lines at both ends.

OK - if you keep the internal new  lines I have no objection. The API doc 
should however say that lines will be trimmed before comparing them.


PR: https://git.openjdk.java.net/jdk/pull/8360

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