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>> I ran `codespell` on modules owned by core-libs, and accepted those changes 
>> where it indeed discovered real typos.
>> I will update copyright years using a script before pushing (otherwise like 
>> every second change would be a copyright update, making reviewing much 
>> harder).
>> The long term goal here is to make tooling support for running `codespell`. 
>> The trouble with automating this is of course all false positives. But 
>> before even trying to solve that issue, all true positives must be fixed. 
>> Hence this PR.
> src/java.se/share/data/jdwp/jdwp.spec line 47:
>> 45:         "Returns reference types for all the classes loaded by the 
>> target VM "
>> 46:         "which match the given signature. "
>> 47:         "Multiple reference types will be returned if two or more class "
> This file's name scares me. The fact that there's no "serviceability" label 
> on this PR adds to this feeling. I would ask around if I were you.

I'll revert all changes in this file. I don't want it to hold up the entire PR. 
We can revisit it later, with serviceability.

> src/java.sql.rowset/share/classes/com/sun/rowset/JoinRowSetImpl.java line 636:
>> 634:                 // to be INNER JOIN'ED to form a new rowset
>> 635:                 // Compare table1.MatchColumn1.value1 == { 
>> table2.MatchColumn2.value1
>> 636:                 //                              ... up to 
>> table2.MatchColumn2.valueN }
> Curious: it is not some established string representation, is it?

You mean writing "upto" instead of "up to"? No, it's just incorrect, and a 
somewhat common typo.


PR: https://git.openjdk.java.net/jdk/pull/8364

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