Hi coreboot list,

I have been attempting to use a raspberry pi for spi flashing and when I
use the 3.3v pin the raspberry pi doesn't power up as the chip draws too
much power through the 3.3v pin for the raspberry pi to also run. I am
powering the RPi through micro-USB, either connected to wall outlet or
another computer.

What is your recommended method for powering the chip and RPi?

Looking online [1] some folks recommend using laptop AC adapter +
wake-on-lan (and not using the VCC/3.3v pin), but I'm not sure that's a
dependable strategy because I don't know if coreboot has WoL
functionality for the x230 should I want to reflash the chip [2].

Advice/thoughts appreciated, and let me know if there's a better place
to ask this question.

FYI this is the chip I am trying to program: [3]


[2] https://www.coreboot.org/Board:lenovo/x230
[3] http://www.zlgmcu.com/mxic/pdf/NOR_Flash_c/MX25L3206E_DS_EN.pdf

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