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Dear All,

I already buy all essential components that used to work KGPE-D16 normally, but 
only power led can be lighted with KGPE-D16 after I start it. I post a blog 
article in  https://clouddai.blogspot.tw/ . I hope somebody can give me some 
suggestion. I know the spirit of coreboot is sharing knowledge and information 
so please reply my question using coreboot mail list. I know my English is very 
pool but please everyone try to understand meaning that I want to express, 
Did you already flash coreboot?

If you have, did you remember to reset the CMOS?

Either way I would flash coreboot and connect a null modem cable to see coreboot's serial output so you can find out what the error is - I myself recently had a RAM training error caused by a RAM stick with dirty contacts that I fixed via cleaning the sticks contacts.

Your english is fine btw :D I have no problems understanding you.

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