I viewed your blog post and it sounds like you are using the stock bios to 
confirm the board works properly before flashing coreboot.  I believe the 
problem is that your power supply itself does not have enough capacity.  I have 
experienced the problem myself when I first tested my KGPE board.  The 
motherboard draws a lot of current initially at start up and my first power 
supply had an internal protection circuit that would activate and stop it due 
to overload drawing too much current.  Once I upgraded to a higher capacity 
power supply everything worked fine.  I bought a 1000w power supply which was 
probably more than needed, but with this power supply the motherboard started 
up fine.  Can you borrow a larger capacity power supply from a friend to test 
it?  Best of luck to you.  I also had no problem understanding your English.
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