Hello Rick.

Ha ha.  Wow, I didn’t realise how difficult it is to make contact with them. 

Okay, here is a link to the MEMBERS page at atavus: 


If you scroll down in there, first to D for David JOHNSTON — you can then click 
on his member name, and click further to send him a message.

Similarly, scroll down to G for George ARMSTRONG — and follow the clicks to 
also send him a message. 

Hoping that this helps, and will work for you. 
If not, please get back in touch, as I do have their private email addresses 
from many years past, and we could try to make contact with them that way. 

So glad that you have found it to be of interest for you, Rick.

All the best.
Ray in Oz.

On 7 Aug 2017, at 4:56 am, Rick Smoll <rsmoll...@aim.com> wrote:

Thanks Ray! I've already spent a little time on it and looks like  it will 
prove to be a treasure trove. Do you happen to have email addresses for 
Armstrong and Johnston?
Rick Smoll, AIC
Claims Adjuster
Corpus Christi, TX
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Hello Rick.

If you use this hyperlink, you should find lots of entries for your relevant 


The Kilskeery vital records have been transcribed by Fermanagh-Gold’s 
indefatigable transcriber: Mr George ARMSTRONG (in Fermanagh); 
and the entire database has been provided by Mr David JOHNSTON (in Australia).

I would hope that you would write to each of them with thanks, once you have 
obtained your information. 
Unfortunately, as we have learned on this list, most people seem to just take 
the information provided, and not even give back a thank you in most cases. 

Good luck with it all.
ray in oz

On 5 Aug 2017, at 5:44 am, Rick Smoll <rsmoll...@aim.com> wrote:

Hello all
I will be visiting County Tyrone next month and will be trying to learn as much 
about my grandfather's family as I can while there. His father's farm (James 
Morrison) was in Loughterush townland in Kilskeery Parish, and his maternal 
grandfather's farm (Joseph Masterson) - where he sometimes stayed - was located 
in Derry townland in Kilskeery Parish. My grandfather came to the states in 
1914 at the age of 18. I know that the Morrison farm was sold by the last 
family member to live on it (or his estate after he died) around 1980. I have 
not been able to find any current info on the Masterson farm.
My questions are:
What Methodist church would the family likely have attended around 1900 in the 
area around Kilskeery?
Otherwise, where might I find information regarding what cemeteries my 
ancestors may be in?
Where would records (birth, death, marriage, real estate, etc.) be maintained 
for Kilskeery Parish?
Are there local directories if I want to try and find living relatives?
Any and all advice regarding genealogical research while there would be 
Rick Smoll
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