Hello Heather/ Mike (am unsure who has raised the query)

>From the information enclosed in your post you will find it difficult locate a 
>great amount, if any, as Irish emigration lists did not generally commence 
>until the Famine Years (1840s). So, it will be necessary to look for records 
>of those family members who remained at home. Have you undertaken a search of 
>the extensive records contained on the County Tyrone Research website 
>http://www.cotyroneireland.com/ where there is a website search facility? 
>There are several pre1850 references to Guthries, ALL in the parishes of 
>Donagheady and Leckpatrick in the very north of the county. I suggest you 
>commence your research in those two  parishes where Presbyterians were in the 
>absolute majority and who commenced emigrating to the American colonies in 
>great numbers from c1718.
Have you exhausted US records and ascertained the names of his emigrant 
siblings? Were their given names those found on the CTI website records?

Hope this helps; am responding directly to the List as your message did not 
make its way into my inbox.

Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

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 Sat, 12 Aug 2017 17:13:12 

I'm looking for ancestry of James Guthrie.  He & his brothers left Tyrone

County, Ireland for America in 1790's. I'm looking for more information on

them.  Any ideas where I can dig more about them.  I looked up on Ancestry.com,

& county courthouse, I only found little information.  Hope someone in Tyrone

County in Ireland can help.

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